Michael Ausiello
February 20, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

•    The latest Grey’s Anatomy rumor making the rounds has Shonda Rhimes mulling a bait and switch that would find terminally ill Izzie living and George dying. Oh, wait, I forgot — neither of them is leaving (wink, wink). In other Seattle Grace happenings, Grey’s scribe Pete Nowalk sprinkled some cryptic teases into his lengthy postmortem on last night’s episode. The big takeaway: Mer-Der “is not going where you think.”



•    Fox just released the following logline for the March 9 episode of House, titled “The Social Contract”: House and the team take on the case of Nick (The Shield‘s Jay Karnes), a book editor who loses his inhibition and starts insulting coworkers at a dinner party one night before falling ill. The team realizes Nick has frontal lobe inhibition, which has caused him to lose his filter and vocalize all of his innermost thoughts, resulting in extremely insulting outbursts. As Nick’s free speech lends to some amusing and insightful comments regarding the team, he must deal with the consequences of being unable to lie to his wife and everyone else important in his life. Meanwhile, House suspects Wilson and Taub are keeping something from him when he catches them both in a lie. House is determined to get to the bottom of it.”   





•    Pushing Daisies‘ Raul Esparza has booked an ep of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that starts shooting next week. He’ll play a shady district attorney in a Goren-centric episode. BTW, USA Network has announced an April 19 premiere date for CI‘s eighth season. Better late than never!





•    Speaking of Daisies, the show’s final three episodes will screen at PaleyFest09. Tickets are available via ticketweb.com, and believe me when I tell you that the finale alone is worth the $15 admission charge. I just watched it and it’s fanfreakingtastic. If you’ve got a burning Q, e-mail me and I’ll try to include an answer in next week’s AA.





•    Is it just me, or did the majority of Supernatural fans skim right past the line in this week’s AA where I tease a pivotal death coming up? I don’t think it was just me.





•    Henry Winkler is reprising his role as Agent Bloom on Numb3rs later this season.





•    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, watch Big Love this Sunday, people. I don’t throw the word masterpiece around often, but it definitely applies here. Also, I counted at least a dozen “WTFOMG!” moments, including one featuring Ben, Margene and not a single piece of clothing.



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