Dave Karger
February 20, 2009 AT 06:43 AM EST


UPDATE: From Academy spokesperson Leslie Unger: ”The

document is a complete fraud. PricewaterhouseCoopers is still counting

the ballots and there are only two people there who will know the

complete list of winners in advance of the envelopes being opened

during the ceremony. The Academy’s president is not advised of the

winners in advance and no such list is created with his name on it.”

ORIGINAL POST: Has everyone seen the purported list of Oscar winners that’s floating around online? If the memo, purportedly from AMPAS President Sid Ganis, is real, the Academy board must be having a collective heart attack right now. But if you ask me it’s a beautifully crafted fake. Many of the supposed victors are expected: Slumdog Millionaire, Kate Winslet, and Heath Ledger. But look at some of the other winners: Milk for editing? In Bruges for Original Screenplay? Those really seem like major stretches. And does Ganis even find out who the winners are beforehand? And could all the ballots really have been counted by now? I guess we’ll find out in a few days whether it’s valid or not. Selfishly, I’m praying it’s a hoax—otherwise EW only predicted 10 out of 24 winners correct.


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