Margaret Lyons
February 20, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

You guys, it is Festivus in February over here at PWHQ. When we got a press release this morning about the upcoming spring line of America’s Next Top Model–themed clothing for Wal-Mart, I could hardly believe my eyes.

That is one fug pajama party. But oh, the fun has just begun. More looks after the jump!


Just when I was running out of ways to get gold glitter in my pants,Tyra et al come to the rescue:

Well, that’s certainly an unconventional way to spell “burgundy,” but okiedoke.

Perhaps you recall the initial line of ANTM clothing sported a university theme.I can only assume that this university teaches you that elephants arepart of the dinosaur family (per Cycle 6’s Jade), lets you major insmiling with your eyes, and that every final exam consists of knowingthe difference between “this” and “THIS!” Well, now those scholars can join a faux sorority:


I’m not even going to touch the “yours truly,” which couldn’t bemore dissonant with the strenuously manufactured Tyra Banks image.Let’s move right on to the “Greek.” They…know that that’s delta,right? Which is like D and not A? Alpha looks like A. Perhaps the Delta Nu thing is a shout-out to Legally Blonde, though I supremely doubt it. 

Your turn, snapcracklePopWatch: Are you joining Kappa Kappa Model? Or are you pledging to come to your fashion senses and avoid these outfits?

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