Sean Smith
February 22, 2009 AT 06:03 AM EST

Viola Davis, Oscar-nominated for her performance in Doubt, is considered to be in a neck-and-neck race for the Best Supporting Actress statuette with Penelope Cruz, who got the nod for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. But Davis thinks her chances aren’t so great. “I am not going to write a speech just in case,” she told at the Women in Film cocktail party Friday night. “There are

so many spectacular performances in my category, including one

unbelievable one by my costar Amy Adams,

so I have kind of given up the even small hope that I might win, which

is probably character revealing. But I already feel like a winner to be

considered.” Still, she’s thought enough about Oscar acceptance speeches to realize what they’ve all been missing. ” I feel like knowing how to rap would totally come in handy

if you were a winner,” she says. “They are always cutting people off, but if you

were a fast rapper you could squeeze all your thank-yous into 30

seconds and that instrumental kickoff music would never catch you.” – reported by Carrie Bell

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