Ken Tucker
February 23, 2009 AT 10:24 PM EST

As a fan of the G4 network’s daily Attack of the Show!, I usually keep up with what’s going on on that crazy tech/web/comic-book/kooky enterprise. (Ah, “Pie Week”…) But a reader just sent me a link to AOTS co-host Olivia Munn’s guest appearance on Spike Feresten’s show this weekend, in which Munn proclaims she can “do” some of the Oscar-nominated movies “better.” Check it out (warning: implied violence to kitty cat mid-way through):

I’m still baffled by Feresten’s laid-back-to-the-point-of-comatose persona, but Olivia — via the folks — proves once again she’s a plucky gal with a nice nutty streak. And thanks, reader, for sending the link. See? I read the mail, even if 375-plus of you disagree with my Oscar review. It’s all part of the “dialogue,” right?

Anyway, what do you think of Olivia and her spoofs?

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