Chris Harrison
February 24, 2009 AT 11:22 AM EST

I had a really tough time trying to figure out how I wasgoing to write this week’s blog and what I should say to you. I’m in a bit of atough position. As much as I would love to “Tell All,” that’s justnot possible right now. But believe me when I tell you, that will happen inthis space next week. As much as I’m sorry that some of you have somehow founda reason to doubt my integrity and honesty, there’s not a whole hell of a lot Ican do about that. If something you’ve heard or seen from somebody you don’tknow has suddenly changed your opinion of me then is there really anything Icould say or do that could change your mind anyway? I learned a long time ago(15 years of marriage) to pick my battles and this, my friends, is one I reallydon’t care to fight. With that said, let me share a little something with you.The Bachelor producers have scriptedand are responsible for certain events: the first moon landing, the end ofthe cold war, Astro-turf, and the Internet (sorry, Al Gore, it wasus). But we are not responsible for, nor have we ever scripted, the ending ofthis show. Let me re-type this slowly so all of you can read this: We donot, and have not, decided the ending of any of our seasons. Let’s behonest, if we did don’t you think we would do a better job and have a muchhigher success rate? As much as we’d love to take credit, we didn’ttell Trista to fall in love with Ryan, get married, and have two babies.We didn’t script Charlie falling in love with Saraonly to struggle as a couple battling an addiction and then persevereand now thrive as a happy couple. Nor did we tell Brad Womack tonot pick anybody and just leave and go back to his life in Texas. These wereall cases of good ol’ fashioned human behavior and free choice.

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I read in the comments that many of you are questioningmy parenting skills and if I’m even fit to be a parent. First, let me sayit took you all far too long to figure that out, but that’s reallybetween my kids and the therapist I’m sure they’ll be visiting in about 20years. Second, let me share a bit of wisdom I often sharewith my own kids. You are responsible for the choices you make inthis life period, end of story. I would go into the story I tell about ifJohnny jumped off a bridge would you…but I think you get the idea. I’vealways felt the genius behind the producing of this show isthe environment we create. Now, what happens in that environment — thedecisions made, the things said, and done or left undone — that is whatis truly compelling. Those actions and decisions, and the fact thatwe love to watch it all unfold, is what drives this show. The beauty ofwhat Mike Fleiss created is that this is not a game show nor is it a scriptedsoap opera. There’s nothing waiting at the end of this show but the reality ofthe decisions the people on it have made. It sounds so simple and it is. Thatto me is why it’s so damn good and also why all the other knock-off shows haven’tworked. With all those knock-off shows there’s a catch. With our show, all youget is the good, the bad, or in some cases the ugly of what is left afterseveral weeks of life-altering decisions. I would be thrilled if every seasonour happy couples ran off in pure bliss, and got married, and hadbabies, but guess what, that just ain’t the way it works in the real world.

I know I didn’t really deal with the “WomenTell All” special that millions of you watched Monday night (thank you forthat) but I felt like we had bigger fish to fry. I do love hostingthe reunion specials but I think it was pretty self explanatory.I don’t expect or really even want what I have written to solve all themysteries and questions that surround this season. I will be back at some pointnext week to wrap things up I promise. 

But let me leave you with one last nugget to chew on. I’msitting in my house Saturday night on the eve of the Oscars writing this blog.We have not shot the second “After the Final Rose” special yet! Igotta be honest. It’s going to be really hard to go back and edit a show wehaven’t even shot yet. Well, I’m sure some of my new friends out there willfigure a way around that one. I would love to go on and on but I have to studyup for the Oscar red carpet show and I also have to figure out how to explainto my kids that their daddy is a pimp…I loved that comment the most! Seeya next week!

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