Jason Adams
February 24, 2009 AT 09:14 AM EST

Update: We have confirmation that there will definitely be a reunion. Definitely. Mike Patton’s rep said she should have the lineup confirmed by morning, hopefully, and would send over more info then. And Roddy Bottum’s rep says he’s for sure in. That’s the good news. The bad news: There will only be European dates, no U.S. ones.

Below is the rest of our post from last Thursday…

So yesterday, Blabbermouth.net furthered/created speculation about a Faith No More reunion — and added that, were this to be, original frizzy-haired guitarist Jim Martin would not be in the line-up. Which would kinda suck, and make the reunion all the less special. (Yes, I was just getting a little wistful. Sniff.) It’s possible this is all just a lot of blabbing on the ‘mouth‘s part, mostly fabricated off their retread last month of a Billboard story saying FNM singer Mike Patton would perform solo at Coachella in April (or at least without his old band; there was something about him sharing the stage “withbeatboxer Rahzel”). But with Blink-182, No Doubt, and Limp Bizkit reunions this summer, the timing does seem ripe. We placed a couple calls to see if there’s anything to all this, and will update this post if we get any decent info. In the meantime, we’ll all have to get by with this clip, which is “Epic” indeed.

Anyone psyched about the notion of a Faith No More reunion? What if it happened without Martin?

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