Adam Markovitz
February 26, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

Politicos might be more concerned with Obama’s proposed budget, his plan for Iraq, blah blah blah. But for some of us, the real news out of Washington today is that Michelle Obama has tentatively picked a breed for Sasha and Malia’s puppy. And the winner of America’s Next Top Dog is….The Portuguese Water Dog!

If your response to that was, “The wha..?” you’re not alone. And while Wikipedia can tell you all the boring facts (hypoallergenic, 40-60 lbs, etc.), we turned to YouTube to teach us what we really need to know about the dogs: Are they cute? Do they really swim? And wait, exactly how cute are we talking? (Answers: Yes, Yes, and OMGSOADORABLE). Check out our picks for the Top 3 PWD videos on YouTube:

3. “Portuguese Waterdog litter”

Lesson learned: As puppies, these dogs have a degree of adorableness that may be harmful to the naked eye. Maybe if Hillary hits a snag in negotiations with a foreign country, they could just send the First Pup as an ambassador with a little note around its collar. Who could say no?

The Top 2, after the jump.

2. “Lucy Singing with Drums – Portuguese Water Dog”

Lesson learned: PWDs are playful and musically inclined. Slap a giant bow on this gal’s head and she could do the national anthem at the next state event.


Lesson learned: PWDs are the Michael Phelps of dogs. In the event of a sudden rise in ocean level due to global warming, the Obamadog will be able to retrieve the First Family from the submerged White House, placing them safely atop the Washington Monument.

Okay, PopWatchers: Did the First Family choose the right breed? And whatelse should we know about Portuguese Water Dogs before one lands in ourWhite House?

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