Dave Karger
February 27, 2009 AT 05:00 AM EST

Why Her The U.K.-born Oxford graduate, 27, sizzles in Crossing Over as an aspiring actress from Melbourne who goes to great lengths to get a green card after landing in L.A. — namely, working as a sex slave for an ICE agent played by Ray Liotta.

Why She Might Look Familiar Eve appeared in the 2007 indie Starter for 10 with James McAvoy and in Tom Stoppard’s Rock ‘n’ Roll on Broadway.

Raw Performance For much of Eve’s screen time in Crossing Over, the script calls for her to be nude. ”What you see on the page is a long piece of dialogue and then ‘She drops her robe,”’ says Eve, the daughter of British actors Trevor Eve (Troy) and Sharon Maughan (The Bank Job). ”It’s only on the day [of filming] that you realize the nudity is not just a four-word sentence — it’s the predominant thing. You just want to cry, because you’re naked and there’s five men in the room.”

What’s Next Later this year, she stars opposite Knocked Up’s Jay Baruchel in the romantic comedy She’s Out of My League. Eve is the she in question.

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