Annie Barrett
March 02, 2009 AT 09:31 PM EST

You don’t have to be a frosty-windowed east coaster, totally wired on tiny dried Swiss Miss marshmallows and the promise of accomplishing ZERO in the next eight hours, to celebrate what’ll probably be the biggest snow day all year…by watching Royksopp’s video for “Poor Leno”! Centered around a zoo-bound arctic creature who dreams of bodysurfing down the slopes to a boppin’ Norwegian electropop beat, this is one of the cutest, saddest, snowiest, randomest, just flat-out greatest videos ever. Enjoy! (Also: H-E-L-P spelled backwards.)

Catch a preview of “The Girl and the Robot” (featuring Robyn!), which will be the second single from Royksopp’s upcoming album, at PopJustice.

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