Annie Barrett
March 02, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

Hmmm…looks like Jimmy Fallon can’t decide, either.

Conan O’Brien’s replacement begins his Late Night reign tonight on NBC, with guests Robert De Niro, Van Morrison, and Justin Timberlake (whose guestship gets the distinction of “special”). Who among you are definitely tuning in? Most of the speculative commentary that I’ve absorbed re: how the JimmyFallon-headlined Late Night will turn out has ranged from “Give the guya chance” to “Ehhhh not funny Conan’s better la la la la la [hands over ears].” Neither of these parties has a real reason to turn on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night on a regular basis, but I’m guessing people in both camps — as well as Fallon’s superfans and haters — will tune in tonight. Even those who assume they can’t stand Fallon are likely to give an episode or two a shot, and that’s really the best possible scenario, at least at first. We bid you good luck, sir, and when in doubt…make fun of yourself. It worked for Conan. (Eventually.)

Ken Tucker will post his reaction to the show tomorrow morning on Watching TV, but use this space to comment on the show tonight. And be sure to read EW’s four-page TV spotlight from this week’s print issue: Jimmy Fallon: King of Late Night.

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