Jeremy Medina
March 04, 2009 AT 04:00 PM EST

Say it with me, PopWatchers: Tenori-on. Ten-or-i-on. It’s a Japanese instrument that allows you to create music by touching squares on 16-by-16 grid of LED switches. Manufactured by Yamaha, they apparently cost a cool $1,200. Whatever it is, and however you pronounce it, I want one. They are damn cool.

I was lucky enough to discover the Tenori-on while Google searching Little Boots a while back. Little Boots (real name: Victoria Hesketh) is an up-and-coming dance pop princess from Britain who’s been generating buzz Stateside and across the pond. She’s released only a couple of tracks thus far — like the seven-minute disco-like epic “Stuck on Repeat” — but she could be a kind of a big deal when her debut album releases later this year. 

Watching her intuitively play a sort of DIY version of Hot Chip’s “Ready For the Floor” automatically took her to a new level of awesomeness in my book. The fact that the little Japanese machine can bust out the beats of the song is impressive enough in itself, not to mention Little Boots’ strong and lovely voice. Check it out, and interested fans can hear more of her on MySpace.

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