Lisa Schwarzbaum
March 04, 2009 AT 05:00 AM EST

Frankly, My Dear

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Molly Haskell
Yale University Press
Movies, Nonfiction

We gave it an A

Contributing to the Yale University Press series of elegant little books about ”icons of America,” the outstanding film critic Molly Haskell applies her deep movie knowledge, feminist eye, and Southern roots to Frankly, My Dear, a fiercely smart appreciation of Gone With the Wind. Passionate about the topic since her teens in Richmond, Haskell turns her attention from making-of stories to meaning-of insights, as crisp in her presentation of Hollywood gossip as she is in her scholarly analysis of why the book-turned-movie has such a hold on us. Her conclusion: Gone With the Wind endures ”because it has an edge, and the edge is that it can’t make up its mind about sex and marriage and romance.” A

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