Annie Barrett
March 04, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

You’re killing me, Tyra. Unbeweavable.

I’m one of the biggest disgusted-yet-devoted America’s Next Top Model fans around, and until a few days ago, I had NO CLUE that season, excuse me, cycle 12 premiered tonight — one week later than originally scheduled. As cycle 8’s Dionne would say, What the hay-ul? I miss being inundated by over-the-top promos of Tyra whipping her giant alien head to the camera! Ty-Ty’s not even in the recent promos, and the girls aren’t even in 3-D! It’s almost like they’re paper…DOLLS.

Who’s to blame for a stunned nation’s lack of awareness? The CW hasn’t aired a new episode of anything since about 1932, so I’d go with: The CW. Besides, the entire series has seemed so tired lately. Quick, someone wake up contestant Aminat (pictured, left) before 8.

The worst part about this situation is the self-loathing — the DVR’s also picking up Bravo’s season 2 premiere of Make Me a Supermodel at 10, and the thought “I’ll watch the modeling shows before Lost” just crossed my mind. I am HORRIFIED. As Slezak would say, I should be taken out back with a can of tuna.

Who’s watching Top Model tonight? We’ll post a recap tomorrow. I’m thinking a clip show of all Miss J, because does it even matter anymore? Don’t answer that.

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