Michael Slezak
March 05, 2009 AT 07:20 AM EST

Another results night — complete with Wild Card contender announcements — and yet another opportunity to ask: “Is American Idol taking cues from The Bachelor‘s Jason Mesnick? Is the show determined to throw away my love, to leave me glowering and muttering the word ‘bastard’ under my breath?” Yes, folks, there are spoilers ahead, so if you’ve DVR’d Idol or are waiting for the west coast telecast, stop reading now.

Okay, okay…I’m being a little melodramatic. Outrage has always been a part of the Idol viewing equation. But after a night where the voting results once again played out pretty much the way you’d predict — with Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, and Jorge Nuñez advancing to the Silver Stools of Safety — the judges inexplicably thumbed their noses at three of Tuesday night’s strongest performers (Felicia Barton, Ju’Not Joyner, and Kristen McNamara) and instead gave Wild Card performance slots to Tatiana “I bring you crocodile tears and drama” Del Toro, Jasmine “Kara says I’m pretty!” Murray, Matt “I did bad things to Coldplay” Giraud, and Von “nice kid, not that great a vocalist” Smith. The other choices — Ricky Braddy, Anoop Desai, Jesse Langseth, and Megan Corkrey — were significantly better, but I defy the judges to argue that Jasmine has outsung Felicia at any point in the competition, or that Ju’Not wasn’t 100 times better than Matt during his semifinal performance. Ugh. Rage. Seriously. And where the eff was Mishavonna Henson?

Okay, time for me to write my full TV Watch recap, which will post early tomorrow morning. In the interim, check out the latest Idolatry below, then post your thoughts on tonight’s results and Wild Card announcement. Holla!

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