Margaret Lyons
March 06, 2009 AT 09:34 PM EST

This post contains spoilers about last night’s America’s Best Dance Crew finale, so if you don’t want to know who won yet, stop reading…now.

I know ABCD had to fill an hour, but that was some tedious business right there*. The group dance numbers didn’t mesh quite right — and if I never have to see Fly Khicks shake it ever again, it’ll be too soon. It wasn’t until Beat Freaks and Quest Crew started dancing together, roughly three-quarters of the way into the episode, that I started getting pumped. And even though I’ve been pulling for Beat Freaks all season, I have to admit the recap made me reevaluate Quest Crew.

Still…I am bummed the fart out. I wanted the ladies to win (even more than I wanted Fanny Pack to win last season; epic sigh), and I think if their awesome robotic routine had been on the final episode rather than the penultimate, they might have. Instead, Quest threw down last week with that cuh-raaazy piano routine, which was outta control amazing, and I think that sealed the deal. To Quest’s credit, they’re incredible, and they definitely deserve the win. I just thought Beat Freaks deserved it more.

What about you, PopWatchers? Whose dance moves dazzled and delighted? Is it just me, or would a best-of installment of this show, featuring select teams from all three seasons, totally rule? And how do you cope without weekly installments of Lil Mama’s wisdom?

*Except for the promos for Taking the Stage. OMG, cannot wait.

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