Jean Bentley
March 07, 2009 AT 05:58 AM EST

Good evening, America. THIS! is Enter the Fray. While last week’s post was Oscars-heavy, this week’s EtF is dedicated to all things American Idol-and-Bachelor (with a lone Lost standout). With the judges’ infuriating Wild Card picks and Bachelor Jason Mesnick’s way-harsh decision to dump his fiancee on national television and start dating her runner-up, it’s pretty easy to see why they had you talking. I think these are the top 10 stories, but I might swap one out for a runner-up at the last minute. Stay tuned for Enter the Fray part 2, written in front of a live studio audience.

10. Michael Slezak ranked the Idol contestants in the last Power List before the finals begin.

9. In the only non-reality TV-related EtF story this week, you guys commented on the latest Lost episode, ”LaFleur.”

8. Don’t read this post if you haven’t watched last night’s episode of American Idol and you don’t want to know the singers who made it past the Wild Card round. But you should read this post if you did watch and you want to celebrate/complain about the results.

7. Bachelor/flip-flopper Jason Mesnick stopped by Jimmy Kimmel after the Most Shocking Finale EVER aired.

6. Kristen Baldwin wondered if Jason redeemed himself in the second ”After the Final Rose” special — what do you think?

5. Bachelor executive producer Mike Fleiss talked to Lindsay Soll about Jason’s controversial decision.

4. Michael Slezak was not. happy. about the AI Wild Card nominees. And neither was I — Felicia Barton was ROBBED.

3. Bachelor Jason is the world’s biggest actual human jackass. But the biggest doll jackass title is still up for grabs — check out the Doll Bachelor finale and see if Cliff should be in the running.

2. Chris Harrison blogged about the After-”After the Final Rose” special

1. …but not before blogging about the finale and the first ”After the Final Rose” special.

addCredit(“Harrison: Bob D’Amico/ABC; Desai: Frank Micelotta/FOX”)

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