Christine Spines
March 07, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EST

If Disneyland had a heavy metal ride, the experience would feel a lot like watching That Metal Show, which launches its second season tonight on VH1 Classic. It’s three aging headbangers sitting around geeking out on all things hard rock. Imagine if you had the McLaughlin Group discussing whether old Metallica is better than new Metallica (uh, yes) and you have That Metal Show. It’s kind of entertaining, if only to see three hosts — Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson — give such a bizarrely sober analysis of a rock n’ roll genre that’s defined by getting blotto on Jaegermeister shots and biting the heads off bats. We’re talking about a culture in which the manliest of dudes sports leopard-print spandex and shaggy waist-length hair. We’re talking about the world of Ozzy and Spinal Tap (pictured).

It makes me wonder: Why does metal get all the attention while punk, the other ’70s and ’80s genre full of noisemakers with funny hair and crazy clothes, gets ignored? All those leather-wearing, body-piercing, blue hair-dying teenagers who worshiped the Sex Pistols are ripe for the Spinal Tap treatment. I’d love to see Christopher Guest dive into a script about an aging punk rock band trying to fire up a reunion tour. Or what about an Osbournes-style reality show with Henry Rollins, the former lead singer of Black Flag, who hosts his own IFC show and is reputedly quite the ladies’ man? Are you with me on declaring metal played out? And wouldn’t it be fun to see punk spoofed? And don’t forget about grunge — who wouldn’t tune in to the Courtney Love reality show?

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