Ken Tucker
March 08, 2009 AT 06:30 PM EDT

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was more than a good sport on last night’s Saturday Night Live; he was just downright good. Liked him in the opening musical number, liked him in a grass skirt, liked him as “The Rock Obama” (“Interesting point, but… me no like!”):

SNL‘s traditional late-in-the-show, gratuitously-weird sketch this week was actually funny, as Johnson and Bill Hader pulled off a goofy sounding premise — TV sports-show hosts, one of whom (Hader) is an alien — on the strength of Hader’s terrifically odd alien playing off The Rock’s solid straight-man.

One Rock-less moment I enjoyed: the “Weekend Update” segment featuring Andy Samberg’s endearing obsession with the comic-strip character “Cathy,” this time featuring cameos from Justin Timberlake and a Jessica Rabbit-ized Jessica Biel. Oh, and Darrell Hammond’s Donald Trump doing promo spots for Celebrity Apprentice was excellent, as was Michaela Watkins’ Joan Rivers and — there he was again — Dwayne Johnson’s Dennis Rodman.

There; is that a positive-enough SNL recap for you?

Okay, I can’t resist: The “MacGruber” sketches really have to be retired. Ditto Kristen Wiig’s Jamie Lee Curtis, Activia spoofs.

And musical guest Ray LaMontange sounded liked a cross between Michael McDonald and John Mayer. I’d add “and not in a good way,” but there is no good way to cross Michael McDonald and John Mayer…

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