Marc Bernardin
March 10, 2009 AT 08:27 PM EDT

In scanning the wires this morning — saying things like that makes me feel like a newspaperman of old, minus the “press” badge stuck in my fedora and the morning scotch — I saw that David Ayer is writing and directing a sci-fi flick for New Regency called Last Man. I almost relegated it to the Bin Where Other Things of Non-Pressing Geekery Sit until it hit me: This is the dude who wrote Training Day and directed Harsh Times, doing science fiction.

This is the New Blood. Who knows if Ayer’s film — which, according to Variety, is about “a hardened captain assigned to protect an outpost on a distant planet [who] must lead a group of young, inexperienced American soldiers in battle against an alien race” — will be any good? I’m just hoping it’ll be different. I’m hoping that some of Ayer’s street-level sensibility will come through. Okay, who am I kidding. I just hope, that when our hero has his final stand again the aliens, he shouts “Grabnork ain’t got $#!& on me!”

What say you, PopWatchers? Do you want this kind of chocolate in your sci-fi peanut butter?

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