Michael Ausiello
March 11, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

What would a Monday Wednesday be without a fresh batch of mostly-exclusive casting scoops? A pretty dull Monday Wednesday.

•    There’s life after Brothers & Sisters for Balthazar Getty, who has inked a deal to guest star in an episode of NBC’s Medium directed by his good friend (and Medium star) Patricia Arquette. He’ll play a wealthy real estate magnate whose wife goes missing. Ironically, the ep will air in the spring, right around the time Getty makes his final appearance as a series regular on B&S. What a coinky-dink!

•    Marilu Henner is the latest name actor to join ER‘s all-star finale on April 2. The Taxi alum will play the mother-of-the-groom from hell whose antics land her and her future daughter-in-law in the hospital on their big day.

•    Amy Madigan is reprising her role as Seattle Grace’s on-call shrink next month on Grey’s Anatomy, only this time it’s not Meredith she’ll be psychoanalyzing, it’s Owen (Kevin McKidd). As I teased in last week’s Ask Ausiello, the ex-military doc’s post-traumatic stress disorder will flare up, causing him to physically hurt Cristina. Also returning to Grey’s is Callie’s dad, played by Hector Elizondo. Pops, er, pops up in April and is shocked to discover that his daughter is now into girls.

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