Clark Collis
March 12, 2009 AT 05:07 PM EDT

I have made my opinion of last year’s Twilight film pretty clear. I think it sucked. If I wanted to watch stupid-haired teenagers moon at each other I would have gone to the Stupid-Haired Teenagers Moon At Each Other store. Nothing, I thought, could convince me to sit through any more in the series. I was wrong. Because it now looks likely that the third movie, Eclipse, will be directed by Spanish film-maker Juan Antonio Bayona. “Who?” you may ask. And that’s a fair question. Bayona is hardly a household name—yet! But his debut movie, The Orphanage, was one of the great creepfests of the past few years—a gorgeous-to-look-at horror film about a missing child and the ghosts who may, or may not, have taken him. The result was entrancing, unsettling and, at times, utterly terrifying. Everything, in fact, that Twilight is not.

So, Popwatchers, what do you think of this news? And, fellow Twilight-loathers, is there any chance that you, like me, might be tempted to give this franchise another shot?

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