Kate Ward
March 17, 2009 AT 05:03 PM EDT

Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was yet another awesome chapter in an already stellar season — I nearly doubled over watching a muted Robin extinguish a fire, administer CPR and deliver a baby on live TV — but I do have one complaint for CBS: Why are you not even trying to cover up Colbie Smulders’ and Alyson Hannigan’s pregnancies? Seriously, I know it’s not easy (there are only so many tunics available in the L.A. area), but watching an obviously expecting Smulders sit down for a glass of wine with Josh Radnor’s Ted is more than a little unsettling and distracting.

So because I’m a giving person, I thought I’d introduce some plot points that could enable the actresses to easily hide their growing bellies (and these are truly off-the-top-of-my-head ideas, folks, so… you’re welcome). Idea #1: While Robin walks to work in the early morning hours, a thief snatches her purse, which not only contains her wallet, but also her beloved handgun. Deciding not to take any more chances, Robin opts to carry a giant bazooka to intimidate street thieves. ‘Cuz that’s how Canadians do it, eh? Idea #2: Marshall calls Lily to tell her his favorite burger joint wants to buy one of her paintings. Problem is, Lily forgets where it is, and walks the streets of New York carrying a ginormous painting (before inevitably asking Regis Philbin to lend a hand). Of course, that whole hot dog-eating contest thing worked fine, too.

Yeah, I know. These are terrible ideas (throw me a bone — it’s 9 am!). But I know you super fans out there could suggest some better ones. So tell me, PopWatchers, how should How I Met Your Mother‘s writers adjust their scripts to better mask Smulders’ and Hannigan’s pregnancies? 

addCredit(“Hannigan: Ron P. Jaffe/Fox; Smulders: Michael Yari”)

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