Jeff Jensen
March 17, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The intermission is over. Lost‘s fifth season resumes. Where were we? Jack, Kate, and Hurley were back on the Island, circa 1977, locking eyes with bespectacled, now respectable Dharma stud Sawyer, a.k.a. James LaFleur. Over on Hydra Island (maybe in the same year, but probably not), Locke was alive, but Ben was unconscious. MIA: Sayid, Sun, and Lapidus. In tonight’s episode, ”Namaste,” you’ll see all of the aforementioned — except one. You will also become formally introduced to a figure of great interest to those of us fixated with Dharma Initiative mythology. Remember the season 2 finale, when we learned about Desmond’s button-pushing days in the Hatch? He had a partner, Kelvin Inman, who spent his extracurricular time finishing the Map on the blast door — a project that started with Kelvin’s old hatchmate, Radzinsky. According to Kelvin, Radzinsky committed suicide. Left a bloody stain on the ceiling, in fact. But in ”Namaste,” you’ll see Radzinsky alive and well in the Dharma ’70s. You’ll also see Radzinsky building…something that adds provocative shading to his map-making project in The Swan. I’ll explain more tomorrow in my TV Watch recap.

And for those of you struggling to recall what happened two weeks ago, here’s a fun, tidy recap of ”LaFleur” that I found on YouTube, cobbled together by an industrious fan:

NEXT PAGE: What’s the real relationship between Horace and Olivia, and what if the Dharma/Others ”war” is a scam?

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