Lindsay Soll
March 18, 2009 AT 07:27 PM EDT

File this bit of news under “Things I find utterly annoying”: Following The Hills‘ fifth (and most likely final…as it should be!) season, Audrina Patridge plans to leave the show for a bigger and better life. You see, in the reality world that usually means she’s getting her own series (to heck with Lauren!), and folks, you’ll never believe who she’s reportedly inked a deal with! (I would normally say something like, “Drum roll please…” here, but I think this info calls for more of a somber tone.) That’s right, reality guru Mark Burnett has apparently signed on to exec producer Audrina’s show. And it seems the toothy brunette herself will get a producing credit as well.

While Burnett has put some questionable shows on his resume in the past (Pirate Master, Commando Nanny, and On the Lot ring any bells?), I still hold him up in the Reality TV Genius realm. I’ve always been a gigantic fan his Survivor — practically since Jeff Probst first spit out the words, “The tribe has spoken” — and I’ll be the first to admit The Apprentice had me at “You’re Fired!” So with all of that in mind, why oh why would Burnett lend his many creative juices to a California girl who, to me, is about as fun to watch as paint drying on a wall.

Sure, some of you can argue that I am being a bit harsh, but in my many years being a fan of The Hills (and recapping it the next morning!), I’ve never really taken a liking to Audrina. Half the time I wanted to press mute when she’d talk (was she actually saying anything of importance anyway?) and the other half, I wanted to jump into my TV set, grab her shoulders, and yell, “Show some emotion woman!”

Maybe Mark Burnett will be able to help the wallflower come out of her shell, or heck, give her more of a exciting edge, but I’m not so sure I’ll even be able to make myself watch when (and if) Audrina’s show debuts. What about you, PopWatchers? Are you as perturbed as I am with Burnett? Or do you think this is actually a good idea? Spill below!

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