Clark Collis
March 19, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The return of Behind The Music reminds me that it’s only a few weeks now before the arrival of Anvil! The Story of Anvil which comes out April 10 and, for my money, is the funniest rock doc of all-time. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this movie—which tells the funny, heartbreaking tale of a long-forgotten Canadian metal band named, yes, Anvil—and, indeed, my colleague Karen Valby recently blogged about it’s screening at SXSW. I just wanted to whet your appetite further by pointing out that the film really is a true life This Is Spinal Tap. In fact, Anvil director Sacha Gervasi deliberately modeled his debut movie on Rob Reiner’s classic comedy. “The plan was to actually encourage the similarities” he told me a couple of weeks back during a visit to New York. “So, I filmed a scene where they talk about their first song in a café deliberately so people would go, ‘Okay, this is Spinal Tap‘. The whole thing is ridicuous, dude. The drummer is called Robb Reiner, okay? And they wrote a song about The Spanish Inquisition called Thumb Hang whose lyrics are ‘Thumbs will twist/Can you resist/Beware the name’s on the Inquistor’s List.’ I mean, what the f—k? Rather than avoiding comparisons with Spinal Tap we just decided to embrace it. But, remember, Spinal Tap is the photocopy. This is the real thing. This is the real story of rock’n’roll.”

addCredit(“Gareth Davies/Getty Images”)

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