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Exclusive: 'Bones' plots 'Family Guy' crossover!

Bonesstewie_lSuddenly, the cancer-induced ghost sex Izzie was partaking in on Grey’s Anatomy isn’t looking so preposterous.

As I previously reported, David Boreanaz’ Bones alter ego will suffer a life-threatening health crisis this May that will cause him to hallucinate. Well, I can finally reveal the destination of his head trip: Quahog, Rhode Island. Put another way, Booth is getting a visit from Family Guy’s acid-tongued baby villain, Stewie!

No joke!

“This is going to sound odd, but it is a completely believable event
given [Booth’s condition],” maintains executive producer Stephen
Nathan, who declined to reveal the mystery ailment causing his visions.
“It’s not just a fantasy of ours. There’s medical research to back up
what’s going on with Booth. There are conditions where you can see
cartoon characters.”

But don’t expect to see Emily Deschanel’s Brennan sparring with the
evil tot: The cartoon cameo will be limited to Boreanaz. “We were never
going to have Stewie just walk into the lab and start talking to
everybody – that would be a bald and shameless crossover,” Nathan adds
with a laugh. “It was always conceived to be a realistic hallucination…
one that would lead us to what we wanted to do with Booth and Brennan.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock without Wi-Fi, what they want
to do is get the two detectives in bed having sex in the May 14 season
finale – an event Nathan assures me will “not be a hallucination.” But
first, Brennan will ask Booth to father her child on May 7, a request
that leads to Stewie’s first of two appearances. “Stewie will be in the
sperm donation room with Booth,” explains Nathan, who says Family Guy
creator Seth MacFarlane will sign off on all of Stewie’s dialogue.
“Whatever Seth wants to do is fine. As far as I’m concerned Stewie can

What do you think? Is this crossover too silly even for Bones? Or do
you have faith that the ends (Booth’s diagnosis on May 7) will justify
the means (Stewie!) Sound off below!