Michael Ausiello
March 23, 2009 AT 08:21 PM EDT

If you’ve been bummed out by all my end-of-season death charts and suicide blind items, I’ve got just the pick-me-up for you: Lost and Grey’s Anatomy are both heading for weddings!

An ABC insider confirms that Lost will begin filming a wedding ceremony later today that is slated to air during the show’s two-hour finale on May 13. Who’s getting hitched? Here are a pair of clues: Actors of Asian-American descent are being sought to play extras, and the wedding will take place on the mainland, not the island. That pretty much rules out Jack/Kate or Sawyer/Juliet. “One theory is that it’s a flashback to Sun and Jin’s wedding,” whispers a Lost insider. “But the wild rumor is that Sun and Jin’s daughter will marry Aaron in the future.”

Over at Grey’s, series creator Shonda Rhimes has already confirmed that one of the show’s couples will tie the knot later this season, and there’s increasingly loud buzz that the event will take place on May 7, during the show’s landmark 100th episode, appropriately titled “Beautiful Day.” Adding to the speculation: The episode will feature a minister.

The bigger question than when it will happen, of course, is who is walking down the aisle? One source close to Grey’s says Derek and Meredith will finally take the plunge — something a show spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny.

Keep in mind, Rhimes said viewers would be surprised by the wedding. What would be so surprising about a Mer-Der ceremony? Ironically, the speed with which it would have taken place. Sure, the star-crossed lovers have been dating for five years, but a May 7 wedding would make for a lightning-fast, seven-week engagement (that’s assuming Mer accepts Der’s elevator proposal this Thursday, and all indications are that she will).

“Shonda is probably counting on fans thinking a Der-Mer engagement would be just as drawn out as their courtship,” speculates one Grey’s insider. “So to marry them off seven weeks after getting engaged would certainly qualify as a surprise.”

Do you agree? Would a Mer-Der wedding catch you off guard? Or do you think Rhimes is pulling a bait-and-switch and one of the show’s other couples will exchange “I do’s”? And what about the Lost nuptials? Which theory are you buying into? Take your speculation and reaction to the comments section!

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