Clark Collis
March 23, 2009 AT 09:41 PM EDT

When I wrote a feature last year about the so-bad-it’s-awesome movie The Room I assumed that the film’s cult popularity with both the public and stars like Paul Rudd and Kristen Bell had reached a peak. Au contraire! The film usually screens once a month in Los Angeles to a crowd of around 250 people. But, at midnight last Friday, The Room hit New York and was shown in no less than three auditoria at the Village East Cinema. In all, a whopping 420 fans turned up to shout abuse at this demented love triangle tale and throw around plastic spoons. With the line snaking around the block George Gross of Saturation Films—who are distributing the film in NY— told me, “We sold out weeks in advance. After we announced the second screen it sold out in two hours. We had marketing plans, we had all these posters—but the whole thing sold out so quickly we didn’t need them.”

On hand to introduce the film was star-writer-director Tommy Wiseau. The Room auteur admitted that he hadn’t liked some of the things yours truly had written in my piece—no surprise given that I described him as  “the Orson Welles of crap”—but was a good enough sport to give me a t-shirt anyway (yes, there are now Room t-shirts). Wiseau himself was introduced by Role Models director David Wain who declared The Room to be “one of the greatest films of all-time.”

So, Popwatchers, take a look at the trailer below and see if you agree with Wain’s assessment. Did any New York-based readers attend the event? Alternatively, would you like it to be screened in your town?

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