Jennifer Armstrong
March 23, 2009 AT 09:14 PM EDT

It’s always fun to try to parse out what will and won’t get past network censors, and no show facilitates that parlor game better than Family Guy. The online banned-from-TV clip of the day features Stewie singing — FAIR WARNING: this is an insanely catchy tune that will stick in your head for hours after viewing — about the list of people he wouldn’t mind ridding the world of. Then we see the likes of “the girl you date who doesn’t get the jokes in Caddyshack” and “the Asian guy who cuts in front of every single line” suffering violent, bloody deaths (getting smashed by a TV, run over by a roller coaster). What has been allowed to air on Family Guy? Just recently, (implied) horse-sperm eating and (accidental) bestiality. With that benchmark in mind, enjoy:

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