Jeff Jensen
March 24, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT


”He’s Our You” is the title of tonight’s Lost episode. What does it mean? As I write these words on Monday morning, I can honestly tell you that I don’t know. If I had to guess, I would say that the episode will forge a connection between one of the castaways and someone from the Island’s Dharma Initiative past. My FOIL (Fellow Obsessive In Lost) Dan Snierson and I get a little more specific with the speculation in the new episode of Totally Lost, which you will find at the conclusion of this column. (Unless we’re not totally done with it, in which case you should come back later in the day for it.) Hint: ”Is it safe?”

I just wish the episode was called ”She’s Our Her,” because then it would make for a slightly less awkward segue into our next segment:

In which I offer an explanation for why Ajira 316 passengers Sun, Lapidus, Locke, and Ben were sent to 2007, while Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid were beamed back to 1977.

There are many unresolved bits of business on Lost, but one that many of you are fixated with — and I know this because I get e-mails about it all the time — concerns future-flashing Desmond’s prophecy concerning the fate of Claire and Aaron. If you recall, the former accidental Island tourist said that if Charlie Pace would sacrifice his life by swimming down to the Looking-Glass Station and turning off the jamming device, then Claire and Aaron would be rescued. In fact, Des had a very specific vision about this: He said the Aussie mom and her creepy little kid would fly away in a helicopter.

That didn’t happen. The conventional wisdom is that events in the Looking-Glass didn’t proceed exactly as Desmond saw them in his head, so Fate decided to take things in a different direction — like turning Claire into an Island phantom. (Allegedly.) But it occurred to me recently that Charlie’s heroism actually did yield a future in which a mother and child left the Island in a helicopter: Pregnant Sun and Baby Aaron.

My theory, then, is that Desmond’s prophecy technically came true. He just got the identity of the mom wrong. And I think he got the ID wrong because the agency that gave Desmond the flashes — the Island — lied to him for the sake of motivating Charlie into a situation where he would finally just die already. What the Island wanted all along was to get Sun and Aaron away from its shores — maybe forever, but at least just for that one moment when Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel. Why? Because the Island didn’t want Sun and Aaron to do the time warp shuffle with the rest of the castaways. The same can’t be said for Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. I think they were supposed to go back in time with Sawyer and the Left Behinders, but they threw a spanner into the works by jumping aboard Frank’s helicopter, too.

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