Michael Ausiello
March 26, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

What would a Monday Wednesday Thursday be without a fresh batch of exclusive casting scoops? A pretty dull Monday Wednesday Thursday.

THE CLEANER: Whoopi Goldberg is joining the A&E drama for a multi-episode arc as Banks’ (Benjamin Bratt) former sponsor. She’ll first appear in the show’s second season premiere this summer. The eppy also features a guest turn by Gary Cole as a national news anchor who falls off the wagon after two decades of sobriety.

UGLY BETTY: Who’s the daddy? In the case of Betty’s new boyfriend, Matt, it’s acting vet David Rasche. The alum of L.A. Law, Suddenly Susan, All My Children, etc. has been tapped to play the recurring role of Matt’s Richard Branson-esque pa, Cal Hartley. Now, head over to Ask Ausiello, scroll down to the Ugly Betty question/answer near the bottom, and try and guess the identity of Betty’s surprising new boss at Mode. It’s fun game time!

BIG LOVE: As I teased in this week’s AA, Branka Katic will reprise her

role as Bill’s former fourth wife, Ana, when TV’s best drama kicks off

its fourth season early next year. “I’ll be back to cause some

trouble,” teases Katic, who concedes that Ana disappeared rather

abruptly following her quickie marriage-divorce to Bill. “I think she’s

somewhere out there licking her wounds. I think she divorced out of

pure compassion because the damage she was causing the family was

something she certainly didn’t want to happen.”

NIP/TUCK: George Newbern (Providence, Reunion) will play Dr. Curtis

Ryerson, an old pre-med buddy of Sean’s, in at least two episodes of the

FX drama’s upcoming sixth season. A prominent doc on the verge of receiving a

prestigious award, Curtis has carved out the perfect life for himself

— both personally and professionally. In other words, he’s got the

life Sean always wanted. (It’s not too late – you’ve got one season


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