Jason Adams
March 26, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

On the heels of the news today that our friends at Blender were shutting their doors, my pal Amanda, who was more than a little saddened by it, said that she’d turned to her iTunes in this time of need, and sent me an email asking me if I’d ever heard the song “Poke” by Frightened Rabbit. “Nope. Why?” She said it is the “most brutal” heartbreaking song of all time. She sent it over, and I listened. It’s sad for sure (if a bit weird: “And now we’re unrelated and rid of all the s— we hated/But I hate when I feel like this and I never hated you” — sad and creepy and mean but still sad!).

For my money, though — and I won’t get into specifics as to why, but no, it doesn’t have anything to do with it being on the High Fidelity soundtrack, thank you — it’s gotta be Smog’s “Cold Blooded Old Times.” Sample gut-punching lyric: “Though how can I stand/And laugh with the man/Who redefined your body?” Now whose rabbit is frightened, Amanda?!

Take a listen for yourself — and if this isn’t the most heartbreaking song of all time, Music Mix friends, then what is? (My colleague Leah Greenblatt insists it is either Love’s “Always See Your Face,” Spiritualized’s “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space,” or Elliott Smith’s entire catalog, but especially “A Fond Farewell.”)

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