Annie Barrett
March 26, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

On this morning’s Today Show, the super high-tech NBC team (Ann Curry mentioned “a lot of people emailing me on Twitter”) welcomed recently deer-struck Matt Lauer back to the airwaves by devoting no less than three segments to making fun of him. He looks particularly “over it” in the following clip, as Good Morning America bestows him with the not-greatest gift of all: an enormous “MATT XING” road sign that he’ll probably attempt to toss in the trash (à la Jemaine with Mel’s heinous portrait in Flight of the Conchords). Lauer’s a good sport throughout the inanity, but I desperately wanted him to shout at Curry and the scores of be-antlered tourists, “Uh, guys…I could have, like, DIED.” Deer are no joke! Welcome back, sir.

Wait, did Brian Williams just employ the term “half-gooned”? Life = complete.

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