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'90210': Why to watch now

The CW's new incarnation of the '90s show steals from its predecessor in the March 31 episode

Finally, the guilty pleasure we oh so wanted.

1. Silver (Jessica Stroup) is the new Emily Valentine!
Her obsession with Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and penchant for arson are reminiscent of the height of Valentine’s crazilicious Brandon-stalking.

2. Ridiculous drag-racing plot!
Taking a page straight out of an old Brandon/Steve season 3 story line, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) indulges in some awesomely ludicrous street racing.

3. Annie (Shenae Grimes) channels her inner Brenda!
After finding out that Ethan (Dustin Milligan) cheated on her, Annie goes all B. Walsh and unleashes an impressive bitchstorm. It’s about time.