Marc Bernardin
March 27, 2009 AT 09:53 PM EDT

Of all the phrases I didn’t want to hear today, Julie Taymor’s statement in a presentation to Broadway ticket brokers that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark isn’t a musical, it’s a “circus rock-n-roll drama,” comes a close second to “Well, Mr. Bernardin, you didn’t NEED that pinkie toe.” Let me be plain: I’m neither a musical guy nor a theater guy. (The on-stage explosions are never quite big enough for me, and I haven’t seen lasers on Broadway since Starlight Express.) But I am a comic book guy, and I’ve been following the development of a Spidey show with more than an idle interest.

Taymor’s involvement is a good sign — despite my previous statements, I did see The Lion King years ago, and thought it was magnificent — and music from Bono and the Edge amps my curiosity even more. Will I go, when Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark opens in January of next year? Probably. Something like this feels like it can go only one of two ways: phenomenal or absolutely disastrous — either of which will still be entertaining.

But at first blush, I don’t think I want “circus rock-n-roll drama” in my Spider-Man peanut butter. Do you feel the same?

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