Ken Tucker
March 30, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Fresh from his front-page profile in The New York Times, Fox News Channel wonder-boy Glenn Beck really revved it up on his late-afternoon live show today. He spent his first segment unfurling a bloody metaphor for President Obama’s economic policy. Asking his audience if it had seen the movie Twilight, he said it was about vampires, and “once they get their fangs in the neck, they can’t stop sucking.” He then showed a Twilight movie poster… but altered, with Obama’s face pasted over that of star Robert Pattinson as the vamp Edward Cullen.

“The government is full of vampires suck[ing] the life-blood out of the American economy!” said the excitable Beck. (I’ve seen him tear up on camera, as the Times piece mentions he does on occasion, but today he held back the flow. Maybe because he also said this afternoon he was going to tell us of further outrages that would cause “blood [to] shoot directly out of your eyes!” Perhaps he thought his own peepers would start brimming with crimson if he cried today.)

Beck is certainly a hoot. He’s really good at making you feel he’s speaking directly to you, the hallmark of an effective communicator.

But Obama as a brooding vampire? Well, Beck does subtitle his show, “The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment,” so it must be true, right?

Do you watch Glenn Beck? Have any opinions about him?

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