Phil Keoghan
March 30, 2009 AT 05:01 PM EDT

Crazy episode tonight. I know we say it all the time, but taxis can make or break you on this game. More spoilerific info from Phil after the jump…

I thought Mel and Mike were going to be able to salvage it andescape elimination. Sad to see those guys go. Definitely a great team.I love when we get teams who really walk away from our show with agreat bonding experience. I think Mel and Mike are one of those teams.They really looked like they enjoyed every second of the show andtheir time together.

Great bonding between a father and a son. I can relate to that asI’m currently on the road with my dad on my “Ride Across America.” Dadis pulling the Airstream, while I’m busting out 100 miles a day on thebike. Great start to the Ride on Saturday. Couple of hiccups along theway but so happy just to be underway. Was on the bike for 11 hoursyesterday. Grueling first day, with a 9,000-foot vertical climb. Tonsof Amazing Race fans showing their support along the way.Receiving warm greetings from people on the street in each town and alltheir well wishes are pushing me through the leg cramps.

Loved the “call of the wild” element to tonight’s episode. Teamsdidn’t know what to expect when that elephant was hovering two feetabove them. I could use an elephant massage right about now.

How about Margie fainting from heat exhaustion at the mat? She wasso overheated. Scary moment for us all — especially Luke. With Margiedown, no one could communicate with him, which made it so much worsefor Luke.

Hope you guys are loving this season. I have to get some sleep. Riding to Vegas tomorrow. See ya….

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