Clark Collis
March 30, 2009 AT 09:05 PM EDT

The list of albums which have been transformed into stage musicals is not a long one. There’s Tommy by the Who, of course. And, a few years back, there was a small-scale staging in New York of Matthew Sweet’s awesome 1991 collection Girlfriend. But, while a glut of so-called “jukebox musicals” have appeared over the past couple of decades, there has been a distinct lack of productions that brought a single album to all-singing, all-dancing life. Until now! Last year it was announced Harvey Weinstein is producing a theatrical adaptation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and today came the somewhat unlikely news that Spring Awakening director Michael Mayer is overseeing a musical version of Green Day’s 2004 opus American Idiot. Which made us wonder what other albums we would like to see hitting a stage near us, and which we would not. One of my colleagues suggested R Kelly’s hip-hopera Trapped In The Closet might be a suitable candidate for the Broadway treatment. On the other hand it will be a cold day in a hell that I go to see a musical based on Lou Reed’s infamously unlistenable Metal Machine Music, no matter how many hands may be “jazzed” in the production. Anyway put your thinking caps on and tell us what you think.

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