Michael Ausiello
April 02, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Question: Do you have any snippet to share with us about Lost‘s season finale? –Megan

Ausiello: We will come to learn that the dude who may or may not be playing Jacob bore witness to pivotal events in the pre-island lives of Locke, Sayid, and Sawyer. Speaking of Lost, I wanna say a few words about Evangeline Lilly’s performance in tonight’s episode: Wow. (Okay, one word.)



Question: Will we ever find out what happened to Rose and Bernard on Lost? –Lucas

Ausiello: I’m hearing we will.





Question: Any news on Heroes? Maybe something on the season finale? –Dennis

Ausiello: Sylar kills a regular Hero that’s been on the show since Season 1. And it sticks.



Question: I am a huge Bones fan. I am also a huge BuffyAngel fan. Any chance the Bones producers would think about bringing Sarah Michelle Gellar on for a guest appearance? –Dana

Ausiello: I think you’re more likely to see an appearance by, oh, I dunno, Cyndi Lauper than SMG. In unrelated news, sources confirm to me exclusively that ’80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper is in talks to recur next season as a kooky psychic that Booth and Brennan bring on as a consultant.



Question: Desperately need some scoop on One Tree Hill. Are Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray returning next season? –Scott

Ausiello: They’re negotiating new deals now. Everything you’ve been hearing, reading, and seeing about how Warner Bros. and the CW don’t want them back is bunk, so don’t fall for it. 





Question: Please can we have some scoop on USA’s In Plain Sight? Some Mary-Marshall tidbits perhaps? –Becky

Ausiello: Following her near-death experience, Mary is much more emotional and erratic in the second season premiere (airing April 19). As a result, she leans on Marshall more than ever. And although she’s supposed to be on administrative leave, she’s recruited to assist Marshall on a case. Of course, taking a backseat to Marshall isn’t really in Mary’s DNA…





Question: Shonda Rhimes said the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy takes place on Mer and Der’s wedding day, but you said they’re not getting married. What’s the deal? –Claire

Ausiello: Do I have to remind you of Shonda’s long and well-documented history of injecting her spoilers with tricky and misleading wordplay? Case in point, Izzie doesn’t have a brain tumor, she has a brain metastasis. Here’s the deal: Unless the script underwent an 11th hour rewrite, I stand by my earlier statement that Mer and Der do not get married on May 7. The only thing I’m unsure of is whether or not I should reveal the name of the bride and groom who are tying the knot in that episode. I’m on the fence about that one. What do you think I should do? Submit your pro/con arguments in the comments section. I’ll get one of our interns or Annie Barrett to tally up the votes at the end of the day.





Question: Are Cristina and Owen really done on Grey’s Anatomy? I actually will be in mourning if that one bites the dust. It is the first interesting plot in a while. –Elise

Ausiello: They’re far from over. As Kevin McKidd himself told EW’s Jennifer Armstrong, the exes will be thrown “a huge curveball that neither of them see coming. Just as he starts to get over his thing, something else happens. Which is good and bad. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, this is big.’ It will be interesting to see how it leads into next season.” Any guesses as to what the curveball is? Come on, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Think. It’s bad and good. You can do this! 





Question: First off, I have to say thank you. Because of all the props you’ve been giving Big Love, I watched the first two seasons on DVD and now I’m hooked! I know you reported that Ana would be back for the fourth season, but please tell me she isn’t going to marry Bill again. –Manda

Ausiello: I’d be shocked if they go down that road with her again. BTW, exec producer Mark V. Olsen told the L.A. Times that it’s not an absolute certainty that Ana will be back next season. “Ana is someone I think deserves to come back into the life of the family, but there’s not a guarantee that it will be in the fourth season,” he said. “I talked to [Ana’s portrayer] Branka, and I said, ‘You’re definitely going to come back either this season or in a later season. We want you to come back.’ And then what happens is we don’t always have a completely planned-out season when we go into the writers’ room. If we come up with a premise that’s going to take us through this next year, and it relates somehow to Ana coming back into the family to cause trouble or to dramatize that theme, then she’ll definitely come back.”





Question: Got some Scrubs scoop? Seen the finale? Does it rock? –Lucy

Ausiello: I have not seen it. Of course, neither has Donald Faison, so I don’t feel so bad. “I wasn’t [on set when they shot] the big reveal,” he says of the episode’s major twist. “So I’m excited to see what happens, too.” Wait a sec: There’s a major twist in the Scrubs finale?! Did we know this?!





Question: How about an extra juicy Desperate Housewives spoiler? –Niki

Ausiello: A main character will seriously consider getting a facelift. No big whoop, right? Wrong. It’s not a housewife mulling a little nip/tuck it’s a househusband





Question: I’m hearing rumors that a certain redhead on Wisteria Lane will be having an affair with someone from the past. Any hints as to who it might be? –Karin

Ausiello: All I’ll say is the redhead in question will start spending a lot of time with one of Susan’s exes. Hint: He’s the one you go to when you want a divorce, not when you want your toilet fixed. 





Question: I am so excited about the third season of The Tudors! Got any new scoop? –Hannah

Ausiello: Pay close attention to the “previously on” recap airing right before Sunday’s premiere, because methinks Showtime orchestrated an elaborate cover-up. Actually, meknows. In an effort to make us forget that the role of Jane Seymour had been recast during the hiatus (Annabelle Wallis is in, Anita Briem is out), Showtime digitally removed Briem from all the scenes featuring the future Queen and inserted Wallis instead. Translation: Either Showtime thinks we’re really stupid or Briem burned some serious bridges on her way out the door.





Question: If I offered you $500 and a trip to Smurf Village, because I can totally arrange that, can I have some Supernatural scoop? –Ashley

Ausiello: Does that trip to the Smurf have any blackout dates? If not, you’ve got a deal: Sam learns in the season finale that ******i** ******* is the ***** **** that has ** ** ****** ****** ******* can ***e.





Question: Your April Fools tweet about a Gilmore Girls movie being greenlit was just plain cruel. You can make it up to me by giving me some scoop on Alexis Bledel’s appearance in this week’s ER finale. –Jennifer

Ausiello: Okay, but you have to admit the one about Paramount producing a road-trip comedy starring Keri Russell, Lauren Graham, Kristen Bell, and Mariska Hargitay was pretty genius. Anyway, Alexis — who plays an intern in the ER finale — described the experience as “wonderful” and “emotional,” adding that the ER vets “did not want to part ways… everyone was crying.” Despite the positive experience, she’s still not ready to make a full-time return to TV. “There were a few [pilots] that I looked at,” she says. “[But] I just wasn’t ready to sign up for six years. I have commitment anxiety at the moment. I’m sure it will wear off in the next couple of years.” And because I know you’re wondering, yes, she saw LG in Guys and Dolls. “I went last weekend. She’s totally amazing. She sings beautifully, she dances… I was totally wowed.”







Question: Do you have any CSI season finale scoop? –Meredith

Ausiello: What happens when a stash of vintage casino chips worth 1K each lands in the wrong hands? Murder happens, Meredith.







Question: There’s a rumor that Warner Bros. tore down all the Sarah Connor Chronicles sets, which typically means a cancellation announcement is coming. What are you hearing? –Val

Ausiello: The SCC sets have not been struck, a Warner Bros. insider maintains. They’ve simply been “shuffled around.” (Hopefully not from the soundstage to the landfill).





Question: Any other clues for who will be dying in the Smallville finale? –David

Ausiello: The *er**n d***g ** n** C***e.





Question: What is the deal with the House promo for next week’s episode? Why is it so dramatic? What’s going to happen next week? –Samantha

Ausiello: Something very, very bad. And that’s not a knock against special guest star Meat Loaf. I swear!





Question: Regarding the bachelor party coming up on House, there’s a rumor out there that in order to prevent deportation, Chase gets married to Wilson. True? –Luna

Ausiello: False.





Question: Have you uncovered any details about Anne Dudek’s return to House? –Patrick

Ausiello: I have, and this is the only one I’m prepared to divulge: House is the only one who sees her, and the vision does not take place while he’s making love to Cuddy.   





Question: Got anything on 30 Rock‘s season finale? –Martin

Ausiello: Picture a “We Are the World”-esque charity single. Then picture one of the celeb participants being Jenna. Now picture yourself laughing until your spleen ruptures.





Question: Yes, 24 has been rocking this season, but I’m missing Chloe! I know Mary Lynn Rajskub had to take time off from filming for her maternity leave but enough’s enough! What ep will Chloe be back? –Nicole

Ausiello: I’m told the Chloester reappears in mid-to-late April.





Question: Counting the days until Ugly Betty returns. Got scoop? –Suzie

Ausiello: Things will get serious between Hilda and her city-official beau Archie, prompting her to declare herself the Michelle Obama of Queens.





That’s a wrap! Submit questions/anonymous tips/beauty tips to ausielloscoop@ew.com, and then come back here next Thursday and we’ll do it all again! (Additional reporting by Lindsay Soll, Jeremy Medina and Jeff Labrecque)



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