Lindsay Soll
April 02, 2009 AT 08:28 PM EDT

When the boys literally wigged out over a stupid prank by the girls on the Real World: Brooklyn finale last night, i was thisclose to saying peace out, Brooklyn, I’m so done with you. I’ve watched the entire season faithfully — after meeting the whole cast in person when I toured the house, I felt like I had to watch to see how each of their stories would play out, because I was genuinely impressed with how down-to-earth they all were — but I got to a point where I just couldn’t deal with the inane bickering anymore. Especially when it came to Ryan and his defensive and unnecessary tirade about the girls all “letting” J.D. take the blame for a prank. I mean, come on, the boys had already put vermin in people’s beds, padlocked the kitchen cabinets, and moved furniture all around the house. Apparently, when the jokes on them, it’s not nearly as funny.

I don’t think the Great Brooklyn Prank War was ever fully settled, and when each of the roommates departed the house and said their goodbyes later in the episode, I felt myself not really giving a crap. (I’ll admit it, some of the finales of past Real World seasons have actually made me cry. I’m total sap for goodbyes.) My apathetic attitude toward the show all changed, however, when the reunion show aired last night following the finale. Setting aside the drama between J.D. and both Sarah and Katelynn, the most compelling part was seeing Ryan in his army uniform because it all of a sudden became real to me that this kid is actually going to be going back to Iraq. For some reason I just never really believed he was actually going to have to go.

I assumed Ryan’s impending departure overseas (and the fact that he, um, had a girlfriend) ruled him out of the possible roommates who had been “secretly” dating since taping ended — reunion show host Maria Menounos gave us a teaser at the beginning of the show. I for sure thought it was going to be Devyn and Scott, but boy was I was wrong. Ryan and his GF Belle had broken up, and since then, Baya and he have been getting hot and heavy. I thought it was adorably awkward to watch them try to define their relationship, and I got kind of annoyed at Maria when she completely cut Baya off after asking what was going to happen to them with Ryan going off to war. 

In the end, the Brooklyn season felt like the calm before the storm. Sure there was pettiness, arguments, and outlandish personalities (a.k.a. Chet), but there weren’t a ton of the typical hookups, lewd behavior, or drunken debacles. Who wants to bet that all of that absurdness will return to the Real World when season 22, which is currently filming in Cancun, premieres?  Oh, and MTV recently announced that four more installments of the realty show have also been ordered. I have no idea how the network is going to continue to make this series work — after all, they’ve already had a transsexual and a war vet — but god knows, I’m probably still going to watch.

What about you, Pop Watchers? What did you think of the Brooklyn season? Were you compelled by Ryan’s storyline? What about his new relationship with Baya? Finally, do you really think the series deserves four more seasons? Or are you over it?

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