Adam Markovitz
April 02, 2009 AT 09:07 PM EDT

So it leaked online. Big deal. Any real Wolverine fan will still want to see the movie in theaters. In fact, quite a few fans are currently duking it out to bring the movie’s glitzy premiere to their hometown thanks to a contest on the movie’s official website. Aside from a few logistical problems (How can a small town of 1,200 possibly win when NYC has approximately that many people in line at every Starbucks?), we think it sounds like a cool grass-roots marketing idea. And we’ve already come up with a few nominees of our own:

Bonesteel, South Dakota
Okay, so Wolverine’s unbreakable bones are coated with adamantium, not steel. But until I get some support for my proposal to rename my hometown Adamantium”(or just “Adam” for short), this is about as close as we’re gonna get.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Home of U Mich’s Wolverines. Fox wouldn’t even have to print out new banners or anything.

Canadian, Texas
A nice way to honor Wolvie’s Canuck heritage without actually moving the premiere up north.

North Salem, New York
Home to the (sadly) fictional X-Mansion, where Professor Xavier trainsyoung mutants to control their powers. Words cannot express the grief Ifelt upon learning that there weren’t any pamphlets for “Xaviers Schoolfor Gifted Youngsters” at my high school’s guidance center. I’m sure many ofyou can relate.

Why, Arizona
Why not?

Ok, PopWatchers: Where do you think the premiere should be held?

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