EW Staff
April 03, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

· Finally, we have something nice to say about John Mayer…well, his gams anyway.
· Katherine Heigl stops biting the hand that feeds her and says she’ll stick with Grey’s Anatomy as long as they’ll have her.
· Lourdes mania!
· The Rock or Miley Cyrus: Who wore it better?
· Here’s to Lucy Lawless for knowing her fan base: first RuPaul’s Drag Race, then the L Word finale, and now a TV show about Spartacus
· Still loving Gavin DeGraw and not caring who knows it.
· Beyoncé covers Alanis’ ”You Oughta Know” in concert. Fun idea, but we doubt Alanis ever meant for the song to be performed in hot pants.

· New biographies from Cloris Leachman and Mary Tyler Moore are released. Cloris dishes on sleeping with Gene Hackman. MTM talks about diabetes. Guess which one we’re reading?
· Boring blond hunk exits 90210. We contemplate returning.
· We truly do want to look away from the Candy/Tori Spelling feud. Okay, we’re totally lying.
· Lil’ Kim, you’ve been to prison, but Dancing With the Stars makes you cry?
· MTV greenlights four more seasons of The Real World and 15 more staphinfected hot tubs.

· We H8 it! Three new Prince discs — not enough good songs to fill even one.
· Mr. Belding drops in on Jimmy Fallon’s show to beg for a Saved by the Bell 20th-anniversary reunion. C’mon, even Principal Skinner has more class.
· Wait, so Paula Abdul shares a closet with Adam Lambert now?
· Dennis Rodman‘s final boardroom appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice turns into an alcohol intervention.

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