Adam Markovitz
April 04, 2009 AT 04:29 PM EDT

If you went to see Fast & Furious last night, chances are you were looking for one thing in particular. Not nuanced acting. Not tear-jerking drama. Certainly not witty banter (I’m pretty sure you could fit the whole of the movie’s dialogue on a napkin). Nope, you wanted automotive action, pure and simple — and the faster the better.

The best part of the F&F franchise (as noted by our very own Lisa Schwarzbaum in her B+ review) is that it’s more than happy to oblige. The fourth movie in the series is nearly wall-to-wall action sequences, but personally, nothing had me on the edge of my seat like the very first scene. Set on a two-lane road in the desert, the sequence is a maximum-speed heist that shifts the movie into high gear before the opening credits even roll. Sure, the subterranean chases later on are fun and claustrophobic. And the GPS-guided street race plays like Grand Theft Auto on overdrive. But there’s something about the sheer craziness of that first number — the whip-turns, the kamakaze swerves, the last-second saves — that the others just couldn’t match. It wasn’t just a car chase; it was a burnt-rubber ballet.

So, PopWatchers, which was your favorite car sequence, and how does it compare to the best parts of F&F movies past?

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