Tim Stack
April 06, 2009 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The Wizard of Oz is a great movie. I’m not disagreeing with that. But I think we’ve officially hit a saturation point with all of the spin-offs and reimaginings and whatnot. We already had The Wiz. Return to Oz. Wicked. Tin Man. Now comes word that Friday Night Lights executive producer Jason Katims is working on a pilot called Dorothy Gale, set in present-day Manhattan, where Dorothy battles her “wicked” boss. Get it?! It’s all so subtle. And boring. But you know what show I would watch? Flying Monkey. It would be about a flying monkey, obvs, who moves to the big city and shares an apartment with a struggling actress and a scruffy bartender. They would all hang out in the pizza parlor downstairs. Oh, and there would be a lot of zingers about how the star is a monkey with wings. Greenlight that NBC! I dare ya!

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