Michael Ausiello
April 07, 2009 AT 05:01 AM EDT

****** ****ed ****e**!

Those East Coasters who have already seen tonight’s shocking episode of House should have no problem solving the above asterisk quiz and, in turn, reacting to it in the comments section below. Everyone else, what part of “steer the hell clear of the Internets altogether until you’ve seen the episode!” didn’t you understand? Sheesh.

Now, about those instructions I promised you re: tracking down the other half of the ****** ****ed ****e** story: Good news, you don’t have to go very far. You do, however, have to wait a while longer. You see, at 2:20 am EST (which is the precise moment our good friends in the Aloha State will discover that ****** ****ed ****e**) I’ll be posting exclusive interviews with exec producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs, as well as *** *e** himself, about this evening’s tragic twist. So tape your eyelids open, down a couple of sugar free Red Bulls, and meet me back here in a few hours.

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