EW Staff
April 10, 2009 AT 04:00 AM EDT

· Kris Allen: We dub thee Kute Allen!
· Anticipating Fox’s new musical comedy Glee.
· Saturday Night Live‘s ”The Fast & The Bi-Curious” sketch.
· Kyra Sedgwick cha-chas her way through a Tropicana ad: Get this woman on Dancing With the Stars already.
· Team Bridget
· Ugly Betty may be on hiatus, but Ugly Yeti‘s not. Check it out at take180.com.
· Laura Leighton‘s Sydney will return to the new Melrose Place…miraculously alive after being flattened by a car. Yup, that sounds like the right amount of crazy.

· Disgusted yet intrigued by Fox’s new plus-size dating show, More to Love.
· Kate Moss may write a cookbook. Laugh all you want, but we bet she makes a mean Cigarette and Ice Salad.
· Kristen Stewart, you’re great in Adventureland. Now please stop touching your hair.
· The Brüno trailer makes I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry look like Milk. We’d be offended if we weren’t laughing so hard.
· Eminem‘s ”We Made You” video takes potshots at Bret Michaels and Kim Kardashian…six months too late.
· Dolly Parton tells 60 Minutes she suckled a pig. It is unclear whether the pig reciprocated.
· We doubt Ryan Atwood would like this new guy very much.
· ABC’s Cupid should have better aim.
· Sex and the City sequel baby rumors: Is the world really ready for Manolo Blahnik booties?

· The trailer for the Fame movie doesn’t light up the sky like a flame.
· Worst time to be a Palin since Nov. 5, 2008: Baby-daddy Levi Johnston talks to Tyra; rogue in-law nabbed for burglary.
· Paris Hilton: Bad idea

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