Leah Greenblatt
April 10, 2009 AT 09:11 PM EDT

As you may have heard, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently asked British synth-pop duo the Pet Shop Boys to change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys — in order, they say, to call attention to the “cramped, filthy conditions” of many breeding facilities.

The band gracefully turned them down, while acknowledging that it does “raise an issue worth thinking about.” And the Music Mix agrees!

While there’s nothing really wrong with Cat Power, Fleet Foxes, or Modest Mouse (has anyone ever met a really aggressive, braggy mouse?), senior EW writer Clark Collis suggests that the chorus to Nine Inch Nails’ 1994 f-bomb anthem “Closer” could quite easily be changed to the more pro-critter “I want to make sweet, gentle love to you like an animal.”

Other options? Legendary ’80s industrial outfit Skinny Puppy may have struck a more positive note as Adequately Cared For Puppy Who Just Has A Really High Metabolism. Or, as our own Aly Semigram emails, trading in Def for the more au courant Hearing Impaired Leppard (pour some Splenda on me?) would please not one, but two special interest groups.

Staffer Michele Romero also helpfully suggests that the Psychedelic Furs could become the Psychedelic Fauxs without hardly changing their tour merch, and resident Idol elf Michael Slezak offers both a nice Stray Cats alternative  — Formerly Homeless But Now Happily Adopted Cats Dozing on a Sunny Patch of Living Room Carpet? Strut that! — and, for Danger Mouse, the far more fair-minded Calculated Risk Mouse. (Our editor Rob Brunner points out that the name of Scottish rockers Dogs Die in Hot Cars is, essentially, already a public service announcement. So no dice there, PETA.)

Readers, we open up the floor to you — what other creature comforts might un-PC band names provide, with a little tweaking?

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