Marc Bernardin
April 10, 2009 AT 08:12 PM EDT

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters who have been faithful viewers of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles have a milestone this evening. For tonight marks the season, and — unless Fox decides to act totally not like Fox and give it time to come into its own — series finale of this TV extension of the franchise James Cameron launched back in 1984.

I’m a sucker for all things Terminator, so I’ve been watching since the very beginning. To me, the show is/was like a slightly out-of-control boxer: just as likely to knock you out with a swing you didn’t see coming (Brian Austin Green = legitimate bad-ass) as to trip itself up and land on its ass (Sarah’s multi-episode insistence on exploring the significance of three dots). And kind of depressing — T:TSCC was not a program to turn to for laughs. Everyone was afflicted, overwhelmed, subsumed by the task at hand and, unlike the blues, one never felt better about their own troubles after watching.

But I would’ve like to have seen where it was going. When it first premiered, I predicted that The Sarah Connor Chronicles would end with the title character’s death. Because it was only with her gone that John could become the man he needed to be. As much as she was protecting him, she was holding him back. If tonight’s episode is truly the last, then I’ll never be proven wrong.

Here’s my favorite moment of the entire series, when John finally got to meet a long lost relative:

And you? Do you think Sarah Connor had more life in her, and she’s being cut down too soon? Or did it simply never pop your positronic chip?

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