Tanner Stransky
April 10, 2009 AT 07:24 PM EDT

It’s Friday morning and we can’t talk about last night’s Ugly Betty because there was no new episode. (Damn you, Samantha Who? and In the Motherhood for co-opting the time slot until May 7!) We fans have been dealing with the void for some time, but that doesn’t change the fact that we still need a regular dose of the show’s ridiculata. Which, admittedly, comes mostly via the antics of Jack-and-Karen-esque duo Marc and Amanda. They’re genius. (Although I must take the opportunity to give much love to goddess Vanessa Williams, too.)

But never fear! In case you didn’t know, the duo’s genius has spread to the web in the show’s short, hilarious Web series Mode After Dark. In fact, a new installment — which finds Marc and Amanda gussied up and trying to best each other for who’ll sing lead during their night out karaoking — was just posted:

Super-fun, right? Yes. Is it weird that I find myself giggling at simple things like how Amanda spins as she walks down Mode‘s iconic tubular hallway? Marc’s eye makeup? Their rapport with the security camera? There are lots more webisodes on ABC.com — and they all feature Marc and Amanda! — so never fear, fans, Betty is always here.

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